Lauren Kias - Episode #32

July 26, 2017

Lauren Kias is an extremely talented dancer and member of the Hamilton ensemble. She also happens to be Rory's scene partner in the pivotal moment when KG3 learns that John Adams will be replacing George Washington! Lauren comes from Indianapolis where she studied dance early on as a child and even began splitting her time in high school between regular classes and the prestigious Butler University Dance Department. Lauren spent 8 years in a dance company in Chicago and never expected to be in the musical theater world but she explains how she got to Hamilton and how her journey included a "boot camp". Lauren has a lot of gratitude and credits her success to her family, especially her mother who drove her to every dance class and her husband who was completely supportive when she got the tour of Hamilton even though it meant doing long distance. Rory and Lauren talk about how they plan on approaching the next phase of life as they contemplate raising kids while "living the dream"! 


Isaiah Johnson - Episode #31

July 11, 2017

Isaiah (Hamilton, The Color Purple) plays George Washington on our tour and was a part of the show during its infancy stages when it was The Hamilton Mixtape.  He comes a long way from Broadway (Anchorage, Alaska) and his route to get to where he is makes for quite the tale. Isaiah has a passionate stance on the role of the actor in society and a wonderful sense of humor. Rory and Isaiah also solve the mystery of the shaking stool. You'll have to listen to understand that one!


Seth Rudetsky - Episode #30

June 21, 2017

Seth Rudetsky (Siruis Xm Broadway, Disaster The Musical) and his husband James Wesley talk to Rory about their Concert for America this Saturday June 24th in San Francisco! They started producing these Broadway events all across the country to raise money and awareness for causes that will go neglected under our current government. Seth tells Rory how he went from playing piano in the pit of a Broadway show, to being a writer on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, to hosting his own show on Sirius Xm Broadway.  He is an author, activist, and recently performed on Broadway in his show DISASTER last season which he also co-wrote.  The man is non-stop and a perfect person to talk to about "living the dream."


Raymond J. Lee - Episode #29

June 12, 2017

Rory talks about the previous night's Tony Awards and gushes over his friend Gavin Creel's win. Then Rory talks to Raymond J. Lee (Groundhog Day, Honeymoon in Vegas) about his experience on Broadway, being a family man, and how he juggles both. He also tells the story of how the Groundhog Day cast overcame the set breaking and the star getting injured. Raymond and Rory have a lot in common including being gay married men and having been in a Broadway show that fell apart during rehearsals, something that will bond them forever. They talk about the challenges of being type cast and how far the industry has come in casting Asian American actors like Raymond. 


Christine Lakin - Episode #28

June 5, 2017

Christine (Step By Step, Hollywood Darlings) and Rory go way back to the days when they were in Garry Marshall's Happy Days: The Musical at his Falcon Theatre in Burbank where they played siblings- Joanie and Richie. Christine was already a pro at the business even back then after her child star years playing "Al" in the TGIF hit Step By Step. Christine talks about making the decision to stay an actor in adulthood and how she makes that decision everyday. Now Christine is starring in a tv show called Hollywood Darlings playing a heightened versions of herself along with fellow child actor alums Jodie Sweetin and Beverly Mitchell. Christine has always been smart and remained proactive about creating work for herself. Her new role as wife and mother has proved to be her most rewarding part yet. Rory and Christine laugh about the old days including that time they yelled horrible things at Lindsay Lohan.


Joshua Henry - Episode #27

May 22, 2017

Tony nominee Joshua Henry (Scottsboro Boys, Shuffle Along, In The Heights) has a resume that easily makes him a Broadway veteran, but #HamilTour's Aaron Burr is just getting started. Josh gets choked up telling Rory about his Broadway debut in In the Heights and the new found sensation Hamilton has given him- security. Josh has gone through many highs and lows in this business including being cast as a lead for the first time in a Broadway show, leaving another gig to do it only for the new show to be canceled. Josh reveals his genius way to let people know they can enter his dressing room and Rory gives Josh a hard time for being good at absolutely everything, including ping pong.


David Hull - Episode #26

May 15, 2017

David Hull ("White Josh" on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) walks us through his journey from theme park performer, to Broadway chorus boy, to TV series regular. After finding success in the ensemble on Broadway, David made a decision to focus on straight plays and wound up in the LA premiere of Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike, which opened him up to the LA TV scene. David has become a fierce advocate for LA public transportation and assures Rory he will find him most efficient route to get him to the Pantages when Hamilton arrives in LA!


Afra Hines - Episode #25

May 12, 2017

Continuing his conversations with Hamilton cast members, Rory talks to ensemble member Afra Hines (In the Heights, Shuffle Along, Wicked) about how she went from studying at Alvin Ailey to the original cast of In the Heights. Afra talks about being a woman of color in showbusiness, how giving back to people is so important, and tells Rory stories about her days as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall!


#AskRory & Lyndsay Brill - Episode #24

May 8, 2017

"Living the Dream with Rory" listeners get their chance to ask Rory questions like "Who inspired you to become an actor?", "How do you get an agent?" and hard hitting ones like... "What is your favorite kind of popsicle?" Then Rory talks with his high school prom date and good friend Lyndsay Brill about making the transisiton from actress to nurse.  They chat about what inspired her to take her performer talents from the stage to the hospital room and how she thinks her acting skills will benefit her in her new career. Lyndsay is an awesome example of how following your dream doesn't mean you know where your dream will take you, it just means you will be amazed when you get there!


Michael Luwoye - Episode #23

May 1, 2017

Michael Luwoye plays the man himself... A. HAM! He started as the alternate on Broadway and now leads the tour currently in San Francisco. The story of how he got there is not your typical Broadway actor story.  Growing up in Alabama, Michael never saw himself living in NYC, but a few twists and turns in his path led him straight to Hamilton. Rory gets Michael's details on his side jobs, his audition story, and the origin of his backstage rituals. Rory also tells Michael a touching story about his perfrmance that involves Renee Elise Goldsberry.