Josh Gad - Episode #22

April 24, 2017

Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon, Frozen, Rory's college roommate) finally gets on the podcast after months of begging. He confesses to Rory that his iconic characters of Olaf and Elder Cunningham were both based on Rory. (Stolen) Josh talks about the time early on in his career when he almost threw in the towel and how he overcame that on his way to success. Josh and Rory have known eachother since they were 18 year old freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University.  Their paths continued to cross on Broadway in The 25th Annual Spelling Bee and Mormon. They talk about what it takes to stay positive in this crazy business. Clearly their survival kit includes having a friend you can laugh with...and at.


Emmy Raver-Lampman - Episode #21

April 17, 2017

Emmy, who plays Angelica in the tour of Hamilton, tells us the story of how she became the only performer to open all three companies of Hamilton and went from an ensemble/understudy track to playing one of the coolest roles in the show.  Her story is as incredible as her talent. Emmy and Rory also get into the drama of the beads that Groff replaced the dressing room door with and how they still haunt the King Georges to this day!


Mathenee Treco - Episode #20

April 3, 2017

The hysterical Mathenee Treco (American Idol, Hamilton) starts off Rory's series of talking with the touring company of Hamilton. Mathenee plays Madison/Mulligan and is the perfect cast member for Rory to start with because Mathenee not only also went to Carnegie Mellon but so did his brother Gregory at the same time Rory was there and somehow they all wound up in Hamilton. Hear his story of going from CMU, to American Idol, to bartending to his current dream role!


Seth Gabel - Episode #19

March 20, 2017

Seth Gabel (Salem, Fringe, Nip/Tuck) and his wife Bryce Dallas Howard are in demand actors and their schedules have not always lined up.  Seth tells Rory how they have managed that challenge well enough to raise two great kids, avoid excess publicity, and stay happy.  Seth explains how he picks his roles and how his goal now is to not be defined by if he is working or not. 


Rory’s Mom - Episode #18

March 6, 2017

Rory somehow convinced his mother to sit down and talk about the agony and ecstasy of raising a child who dreams of being an actor.  Gerry O'Malley talks us through the ups and downs of having an actor son and why her favorite job Rory ever had was at a financial firm. Rory also gives an update on the first national tour of Hamilton now that he is in San Francisco and in the last week of rehearsal. 


Angela Lin - Episode #17

February 17, 2017

Angela Lin (Coram Boy, Chinglish, Top Girls) and Rory have known each other since freshman year of college when they were naive 18 year olds with a dream. Angela talks about her experience as an Asian actress and how she has been able to stay positive through the challenges that the business presents her through faith and community. Rory and Angela have been having these conversations about surviving the entertainment world for nearly 15 years now.  Clearly they get through it with a lot of laughs. 


Alex Boniello - Episode #16

February 7, 2017

Alex Boniello fills Rory in on his journey from school athlete to Broadway performer in last seasons beloved revival of Spring Awakening. His story of why this had to be his Broadway debut is pretty spectacular. Alex gets honest about the thrills and downfalls of being in a big splashy limited-run hit and then having to figure out what to do next. Rory and Alex talk about knowing who you are as an actor and how that might means accepting that you aren't right for every role. 


Bret Shuford - Episode #15

January 24, 2017

Bret Shuford (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Paramour) tells Rory how he got from small town Texas to Broadway. Bret was one of the first people Rory met in NYC and has always been a great source of wisdom.  Luckily for everyone, he is now the Broadway Life Coach and working with folks to get the most out of life in this business. Things get a little deep when Bret and Rory talk about moving to NYC and their experiences on 9/11.


Joel Grey - Episode #14

January 16, 2017

Rory talks about his final performance in Hamilton on Broadway and passing the torch to Taran Killam before startinf the tour. Then Joel Grey (Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe Award Winner) chats with Rory about life in show biz. He's a Broadway legend.


Lauren Molina - Episode #13

January 10, 2017

Lauren is the multi talented Star of Broadway's Sweeney Todd, Rock of Ages and half of the band- The Skivvies! Lauren explains how she went from bus and truck tours, to Broadway, to forming her own rock band!  Lauren is the definition of a "go getter."  An artist who makes her own work.